We are Leoni & Anna, two women with passion for wine, travel and adventure.

We are the soul of Caravin Wine & Wanderlust, one of the most successful restaurants in the historical centre of Athens and
we want to thank you for choosing our restaurant for your dinner.

Just like you, we enjoy traveling as well as discovering new destinations, cultures of indigenous tribes and their culinary habits. When we’re not running around and finding some free time, then all roads lead to a trip.

Just as we love to stay in high-end apartments when we travel, we want those visiting Athens to feel like they can find it.

That is why we are expanding our activities around accommodation.

That is why we created a new caravan.

A Caravan that loves to travel, explore, discover, and meet new people.


The Caravin Wanderhomes.


Caravin Wanderhome Acropolis13.

One high standard 2 bedrooms apartment in the historical centre of Athens, just 1 min from Metro Acropolis Museum.

The apartment can accomodate up to five people.


Caravin Wanderhome with private backyard and Caravin Wanderhome with cozy balcony.

Two high standard 2 bedrooms apartment in the centre of N.ionia , just 5 min from Metro N.Ionia.


The Caravin Wanderhomes combine industrial design with a highly thought-out and postmodern elegant boho aesthetic.