Caravin Wine & Wanderlust

11 Akamantos Str. - Thissio
Daily: 5.00PM-12.00AM
The Wine Caravan.

Two women  meet and their vision takes shape.

We are Leoni and Anna, two women with passion for wine, travel and adventure. Through our page we would like to project our vision and love for travel, wine, the unpretentiously nice food of our place and our aesthetics for life. 

What does Caravin mean?

The Wine Caravan.

Wine and Travel.

With a name that is half caravan and half wine (caravan + vin) it is no wonder that from the moment you cross its threshold it makes you travel to destinations where wine becomes the reason to discover them.

Wine and travel will always be the reason to make appointments again and again at Caravin.

After all, this is the reason why Caravin was born in Thisio.

Two words so different, but yet tightly intertwined with each other, moving on similar paths through time.

Images, tastes, smells, people, cultures, history.

It’s the wine.

It’s the Journey.

It’s CaraVin.

Our new project

The Caravan that loves to travel, explore, discover, meet new people.

The Caravan that has no fixed point.

That is why it is expanding its activities around ​​accommodation as well.

Just as we love to stay in high-end apartments when we travel, we want those visiting Athens to feel like they can find it.