The Wine Caravan.

Two women with passion for wine, travel and adventure, meet and their vision takes shape.

We are Leoni and Anna, two women with passion for wine, travel and adventure. Through our page we would like to project our vision and our love for unpretentiously nice food of our place and our aesthetics for life. We enjoy traveling as well as discovering new destinations, cultures of indigenous tribes and their culinary habits. When we’re not running around and finding some free time, then all roads lead to a trip.

Our message is:

“Get off your feet away from the chair, the couch, the desk. Leave the cell phone, tablet, computer and go outside. See the colors of nature. Breathe fresh air. Lead an amazing life! Make this passage through life, the most exciting adventure.”

This is the journey for us. This is Caravin. This is life.

Who we are?



She was born in Athens in 1972. She studied Pharmacy at Athens University, but life had other plans, since eighteen years later she decided to sell the pharmacy business she ran and made her dream come true, to deal with her great love, wine!

Caravin Wine & Wanderlust was born. She is an accredited Sommelier.

Her favorite drink: She loves whiskey.

Her favorite varieties of wine: She always says yes to a glass of wine, especially if it’s a variety she hasn’t tried.

White: Assyrtiko

Red: Limniona

Dessert Wine: Aged Black Laurels

Favorite trip: Loved Mexico, was “impressed” by India and can’t wait to be in Papua New Guinea.

Favorite time to relax: When she has time off, to be with friends, to spend time with her two adorable nieces, Myrto and Ioli, to watch a movie usually with a historical background, to enjoy a glass of wine, to go for a walk.

Favorite book: She doesn’t have time to read them, but when she does she loves biographies of political figures and history books. She keeps up to date with current affairs in politics and enjoys discussing financial and business matters.

She never says no to good food. She has no worries about huge quantities of food, but she does require clear flavors and a simple appearance.

She doesn’t want to lose touch with any technological development that comes out. She is the business mind of the team as she is always thinking of the next business activity.

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She was born in Patras in 1985. She obtained a Law degree from Democritus University of Thrace, where she completed her practice by obtaining a license to practice law. At the Law Department of Pandion University, she attended the Master’s Program, European Criminal Law and Philosophy of Law. For many years she has been scientific associate at the Greek Parliament and legal advisor at the Ministry of Justice

Lawyer, columnist, writer and traveler, she enjoys traveling around the world, discovering new cultures, writing and reading constantly.

Stone Silence is her first poetry collection. Next is the travel literary series entitled PATHS OF FORGIVING, from which “Crossing the Gagi River”, “Walking in the Footsteps of the Norwegian Sagas” and “Little Diary on a Basaltic Map” have been published.

Her favorite drink: She never says no to a good Gin and Tonic.

Her favorite varieties of wine:

White: Riesling

Red: Malbec

Dessert Wine: Muscat Rio Patron – Melissea (From her birthplace!)

Favorite trip: Thrilled with Iceland, ticked off by India and always looking forward to the next destination.

Favorite time to relax: Walking, pilates, playing with her dog Mirtula (King Charles Cavalier), quiet moments at her desk reading a book or writing.

Favorite book: Can’t pick one, but loves authors like Ali Smith, Roth Joseph, Yoko Ogawa, Hannah Kent and of course she loves poetry.

She has constant energy and everything she does, is with passion.

She is a big fan of newspapers and is constantly looking for the right equipment for the trips and the right shot-theme for the photo shoots.

She loves color and has a weakness for backpacks.

She is the «poetic eye» of the group, as she finds a lyricism in everything (even in Anna’s craziest ideas!).

What does Caravin mean?

The Wine Caravan.

Wine and Travel.

With a name that is half caravan and half wine (caravan + vin) it is no wonder that from the moment you cross its threshold it makes you travel to destinations where wine becomes the reason to discover them.

Wine and travel will always be the reason to make appointments again and again at Caravin.

After all, this is the reason why Caravin was born in Thisio.

Two words so different, but yet tightly intertwined with each other, moving on similar paths through time.

Images, tastes, smells, people, cultures, history.

It’s the wine.

It’s the Journey.

It’s CaraVin.

How did we start?

Caravin was born in the summer of 2018 in the heart of Athens, Thisio. In a quiet street, at 11 Akamados street, just a few meters from the bustling and highly touristic street of Herakleidon and Dionysiou Aeropagitou in Thisio and that’s what matters. Hordes of tourists don’t pass through here. This is where travelers come, those who explore our city looking for quality. Word of mouth works perfectly here and not only for foreigners, but also for our fellow citizens who really love Athens.

A different caravan, happy, noisy, full of colors and aromas. 

The birth of Caravin started from the need for a change!

Anna officially took the decision to sell the pharmacy she had been running for 18 years, and Leoni decided that after 15 years as a lawyer and scientific associate at the Hellenic Parliament and the Ministry of Justice, a professional cycle was completed.

It was the pivotal moment when the need for change met the thirst for creativity and new adventures. This is how the paths of Anna and Leoni have met.

Many events, tastings, parties, trips, flights, endless hours of running followed. In one year of operation, the corona virus found us and temporarily froze all our dreams. We never gave up.

We continued our trips, redefined our goals, followed all health protocols, reunited with our clients and friends.

We created a place like our home. A place that can accommodate all friends and acquaintances who share the same passion for travel, wine, and good conversations. A space that is a note of joy and inspiration for everyone out there who promised himself a life full of adventure and diversity.

The space

Caravin’s space is warm and simple at the same time. The lighting is thought out, and every element of the store exudes the air and sophistication of a modern European country. Everything else, from the tables and comfortable seats to the elements of the elegant boho style decoration and colors, are matching and giving the feeling of comfort and intimacy to its guests. Wine is at the forefront, for this reason and a recess of the wall has been dressed with beautiful mosaics full of wines (one of the most photographed parts of the shop), while the collection of old suitcases above the bar turns wanderlust from word to image. 

All this could not be accomplished without the undivided contribution of our interior designer Nikolas Karathanasis.

Caravin is the meeting place for travelers. At every Caravin table, is heard a story from a trip that has been completed or from a trip that is being planned.

Caravin’s dishes couldn’t help but travel. Plates beautifully set and at the same time unpretentious. Dishes that showcase Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on the products of small producers from every corner of Greece. 

Our main motto: Sharing the dishes in the middle according to the Greek and Mediterranean custom, so that the customer gets a complete dining experience.

Our new project

The Wine Caravan.
The Caravan that loves to travel, explore, discover, meet new people.
The Caravan that has no fixed point.
That is why it is expanding its activities around ​​accommodation as well.
Just as we love to stay in high-end apartments when we travel, we want those visiting Athens to feel like they can find it.
That is why we created The Caravin Wanderhome.
A high standard apartment in ​​Nea Ionia that can accommodate up to five people. The Caravin Wanderhome combines industrial design with a highly thought-out and postmodern elegant boho aesthetic.
It has 2 fully equipped bedrooms and an impressive private backyard, offering a modern hospitality environment and an unforgettable stay experience in the center of Nea Ionia.